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Discover Our Dog Breeds

Discover Our Dog Breeds

We breed English Labrador retrievers in Craftsbury, VT

English Labrador retrievers are some of the most adorable dogs, with expressive faces and cream-colored, golden, brown and black coats. They're also some of the sweetest, thanks to their friendly, loving and calm personalities.

When you're ready to adopt one, you can turn to Kingdom English Labradors. We've been breeding English Labrador retrievers for more than nine years in Craftsbury, VT. You can choose a puppy from a breed known for:

  • Loving kids and adults
  • Being close to their people's families
  • Learning quickly when trained

Additionally, our puppies' English Labrador parents are bred for show. To connect with us, use the Adoption Application page today.

We breed golden retrievers and goldadors

You can also choose a golden retriever puppy or a goldador, a mix between a golden retriever and English Labrador retriever. These puppies have the longer coats and more energetic personalities that are characteristic of goldens. Reach out to us today to find out more about them.

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