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All of our dogs and puppies are on NuVet Plus Natural Vitamins & NuJoint Plus Supplements. If you're looking for the absolute best vitamins... these are them. Your dog & Puppy needs both! These vitamins are by Breeders Referral only. 20,000 + Top Breeders in the USA Use, Recommend & Require their pups to be on these vitamins.

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I personally as a breeder believe that naturally feeding (raw) is the best. However there are some wonderful homes that just are not going to feed this way. I hope educating them gives them the tools to understand why it is best. With much research I found a food that I feel I can say is as good a food in a bag can be.

Holistically balanced and provides the nutritional harmony that is important to help keep your canine achieve and maintain health. Please check out my site at Click here to order