Adopt Your New Buddy

Find out about our friendly puppies for sale in Craftsbury, VT

Do you love labs' friendliness or goldens' playfulness? Kingdom English Labradors breeds, raises and sells some of the sweetest puppies in Craftsbury, VT. When you're ready to bring a new four-legged friend into your life, you can choose one of our English Labrador, English cream golden or English goldador puppies for sale. Contact a kennel-licensed dog breeder today to find out about our available puppies.

Find Out More About Our Puppies

All of the puppies for sale are born in our home, raised by loving dog breeders and socialized with other dogs. They're house trained by dog breeders with more than nine years of experience and fed some of the best food available.

You can choose a puppy by:

  • Filling out an application
  • Consulting us in person or via FaceTime
  • Assessing what you're looking for
  • Selecting one of our puppies for sale

When your puppy is old enough to be adopted, you can visit us to pick up your new buddy. Note that we don't ship puppies. For more information, call 802-624-6955 today.

Our Puppies are Naturally Reared

What does natural rearing mean? At Kingdom English Labradors, it means that English Goldador and English Labrador puppies:

Eat a species-appropriate diet of raw meat, bones and organ meat, not low-quality kibble or canned food.

Are given herbs, essential oils and homeopathic products, not commercial flea or tick treatments.

Are given rabies vaccines, titers and nosodes, not additional vaccines.

When you bring your puppy home, we recommend continuing the puppy's natural rearing with additional veterinary advice or medical interventions when needed.